Meet The Crew



Everyone's Favorite

Hey, I’m Aaron I’ve been selling stuff for as long as I can remember, I was the kid in grade school selling cards. I started the shop in 2015 as a small vape shop, not knowing what I was doing. Now after nearly 8 years I think I might have it somewhat figured out. Have grown the shop into the vape and hemp. I love helping people find what they need to best fit their situation.

Sup the name is Matt. I am the owner of GrindSZN. I have been in the vape game since I was 18…. Maybe even before that lol.. Helping people is one of my many passion in life. Soooo I’m your guy when it comes to the best vape disposable and edible treats. Ohhh Yea remember”The Grind Don’t Stop.” 



Jacob (douche)

Hello I’m Douche. I’ve been vaping as well as working/helping out at Cloudy since I was 18. I’m an avid fan of our hemp and THC products even earning the honor of product tester of the year. If you ask what my favorite product is I’ll always point you to the Medusa line.